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All Crescendo…..NO CLIMAX December 8, 2006

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The more I hear people argue endlessly about the best two teams in the nation and who should or should not be playing in their favorite bowl game the more nauseous I get. The current system football system is like listening to a concerto with a neverending crescendo and NO CLIMAX!!! All buildup and no grand finale!!! Goodnight!!!! How long am I going to have to listen to these kind of yahoos talk like they know who the best two teams are in college football? If you look at other sports and the top two teams before the playoffs start, you realize that in many cases the top two teams don’t even end up making it to the championship. So quite frankly no one really ever knows who is in fact the best team in the nation (in college football) because there is no playoff to decide. I am uphauled at the fact that we do not let the teams decide the real champion for themselves. How much longer will we have to put up with this utter nonsense?
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Top 24 Team Playoff December 6, 2006

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We believe that a 24 team playoff would be ideal…. Now, we realize this would entail a lot of games
but it would also allow them to keep a number of bowl games. This playoff would include the top 24
teams ranked by the beloved BCS which should keep everyone happy. The top 8 teams would each
have a bye the first week thus giving them a reason to be highly ranked. This would also add value
and meaning to the regular season.You may have to double click the link twice to see the attachment
as it is a pdf file. Obviously we couldn’t guarantee the outcome…..



the cinderella factor December 5, 2006

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First off, I want to thank everyone for the overwhelming support during our first day. The cinderella factor is a substantial reason in and of itself to implement a playoff system. Exhibit A is without a doubt George Mason in the 2005 NCAA basketball tournament:

Seeded 11th in their quarter of the field, George Mason is the first team since 1986 to be slated that low and reach the Final Four. And they’re the biggest outsider — no basketball tradition to speak of, not a member of a major conference, no superstar player. George Mason beat UConn because George Mason was better than UConn

Seeded 11th!! and they ended up going all the way to the final four!! If that’s not exciting I don’t know what is. If a tournament were put into effect in college football, there would undoubtedly be cinderella teams that would come out of the woodwork. Granted not every year, but when they do come out, just think of the excitement they will bring to the hearts of Americans everywhere. Ok, that was pretty cheesy but let’s face it, we all love to root for the underdog and having a tournament setup will give those who love to root for the underdog a reason to cheer. So, once again I extend the call to all – Unite and decide today which bowls you intend to boycott and please, please pass the word along. Thanks again, korey farr


THE BCS HAS TO GO (even Urban Meyer is on board) December 3, 2006

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How is is that we as an American society allow the bowl championship series to continue to exist when it never solves anything. We never get a true champion. All it is, is a glorified beauty pageant. Or figure skating for that matter. And how many of us want college football being compared to figure skating. I know I don’t. Why is Michigan any more qualified to play Ohio St. again than say Florida or Boise St. or Louisville. lets not leave out Wisconsin who doesn’t even get to play in a BCS bowl let alone play for a national championship. They’ve only lost one game, to a pretty good team. Or how about Oklahoma. They’ve lost twice but we all know that the Oregon game was one of the worst officiated games to present day. If not for that game they would still have a title shot.
Every sport I can think of has a playoff to decide it’s champion. Who would have won the super bowl in 06 without a playoff? It wouldn’t have been the Steelers because they wouldn’t have been there. Who would have played for the Stanley Cup? The Oilers were the 8 seed. Obviously not them based on the regular season. But when the playoffs came around they came through in the clutch. The argument that always comes up for not having a playoff is either tradition or money or that the kids are in college to be students and not for football so they can’t take that much time away from their studies. These arguments are frivolous & make no sense at all. I’ve decided to address these agruments individually so as to refute them all.
1. Tradition- How is this even an argument? the BCS has been around for what? Ten whole years. Wow. The BCS is just steeped in tradition. The tradition of complete controversy.
2. Money- This might be the most ludicrous come back of all. Can you imagine the money that would be made if we had a 24 team playoff. The advertising dollars alone would be enormous. We’re talking Super Bowl times 10. Just picture the money that each school would get and how much good that would do. The conference’s chunk of the money wouldn’t be too shabby either.
3. Student athletes- Now don’t get me wrong, because I think going to class is pretty important but let’s be real for a second. They have a playoff in 1-AA,D2,D3, and all the way down. And I’m pretty sure those kids are more focused on a career other than football more than the kids that go to USC, Florida, or Michigan.
Picture with me if you will, being a die hard Boise State fan and knowing that you actually had a shot to win a national title. At least the chance to play for one instead of being relegated to some bowl game that nobody in there right minds will want to watch
There would be nothing better for me as a die hard college football fan then having a 24 team playoff. To be glued in front of the T.V. every Saturday in December with so much riding on who won each game. There would be no better way to end the year. And I can guarantee that I am not the only one who feels this way. -jay yeo


Fix the BCS MESS

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let the boycott begin December 2, 2006

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i just thought i’d say hello to everyone and welcome you to my blog about my endeavor to boycott the college football bowl games.
i cannot tell you how frustrated i have become with the BCS system of rating teams. As you all are probably aware, college basketball has had the playoff system around for years and has been incredibly successful as far as ratings are concerned. In fact as most of you should know it is lovingly referred to as “march madness.” no doubt ratings have gone through the roof ever since it
was introduced to college basketball. to make a long story short, i am fed up with college football and i will not be satisfied until the ncaa sets up some type of playoff system for college football. i realize it is a lot to ask for people to boycott all of the college bowl games. all that i ask is a boycott of as many of the bowl games as you can. even if that is only one bowl game…. we welcome you to the cause!!!